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wine classification

In Italy

The wine laws of Italy developed from the chaos of the 1950s. In 1963, the Italian Government introduced a system of & quot; denominazione di origine & quot; (Denomination of Origin), which is loosely based on the French system of & quot; appellation contrôlée & quot; supported. Until recently, only about 10% of the enormous Italian wine production was covered by the wine laws. This may now change if the reforms adopted in 1992, known as the Goria Act, gradually begin to take effect and include more wines in the different categories.


The wine is divided into two main categories: quality wine (DOCG and DOC) and table wine (IGT and VdT).

Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita (DOCG)
This highest level of Italian wine began as a narrower DOC and was intended as a recognition of the finest Italian wines. The restriction on vine types and yields was more stringent, and the wine had to be analyzed and tasted by a special board of examiners before receiving the coveted seal. Although it had been introduced in 1963, the first DOCG was not awarded until 1980, and by the mid-1990s there were only 15 wines with the DOCG status. In the revised version, the law will recognize any DOC wine that adheres to strict quality discipline in good, productive years, and particularly good vineyards.

Denominazione di Origine Controllata(DOC)This stage applies to wines produced from specific grape varieties grown in well-defined zones and developed according to prescribed methods. To a certain extent, the DOC regulations serve to preserve existing traditions (traditions that were justified in terms of quantity rather than quality during the years following World War II) at the expense of progress, and do not always guarantee good quality. & nbsp; Almost all well-known traditional wines are DOC wines, and new ones are added every year.

Indicazione Geografica Tipica (IGT) This is a new level of table wine as the Italian version of the successful French & quot; Vins de pays & quot; is meant. The wines can carry a geographical name on the label combined with a grape variety.

Vino da Tavola (VdT)This is the lowest category. No geographical or variety information may be given on the label. As some growers are disappointed with the wine laws that limit their originality and initiative, paradoxically, some of Italy's biggest wines carry the modest name "vino da tavola". It is to be expected that these wines will be included in the system in the near future and receive due recognition